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Reconstruction of big amputations of 1/3 part of upper auricular with graft from nasal septum in two stages

1Gjergji Bizhga, 2 Xhevair Hoxhallari, 3Melpomeni Kromidha. 1SQUT , Tirane, Albania 2QSUT Nene Tereza, Tirane, Albania Abstract Background: Various reconstructive techniques for partial traumatic ear amputations have been reported. The choice of technique is based on the missing ear components and the availability of tissue for defect coverage. The goal is to obtain an aesthetically…

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Osteomat e panderlikuara te sinusit frontal

Tema: Osteomat e panderlikuara te  sinusit frontal. Dr Gjergji Bizhga,Xhevair Hoxhallari. Resume Osteomas are the most frequent benign tumors of paranasal sinuses. They are discovered accidentally and rarely lead to complications. The most frequent localization is frontal sinus. We present two cases of osteomas, in two female patients. The first one 37 years old complained…

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COMPLEXITY OF TREATMENT OF CONTUSIVE AND PENETRANTE LARYNGEAL AND TRACHEAL TRAUMA MED. Gjergji BIZHGA.  ENT doctor, Central Military Hospital, Tirane. (Albania) Address: Central Military University Hospital Rr: Lord Bajron Laprake Tirane Albania E-mail [email protected]           Name: Gjergji Bizhga Born: 18.4.1966 Nationality: Albanian Specialty: Ear Nose Throat (ENT) doctor. Job Position: Doctor…

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Epidemiology of Severe Trauma in the Head-Neck Region in Albania

Gjergji Bizhga1, Trauma University Hospital Abstract Background: Injuries are the fourth most common cause of death, after cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and respiratory diseases. Head trauma occur in 50% of cases in road injuries. Head and neck trauma results in a range of injuries, spanning minor lacerations to life-threatening airway compromise. The aim of the study…

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 TITLE: EPIDEMIOLOGY OF TYMPANIC EFFUSIONS IN ALBANIAN CHILDREN          GjergjiBizhga, Medical Doctor              University  Military Hospital,             ENT service Abstract Objectives: To evaluate prevalence of TE in children 6-10 years old, group -age more affected of TE, relation between TE and upper respiratory airway infections, (tonsillitis chronic, vegetatio adenoidea, congenital anomalies of palatum, chronic sinusitis …

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Buletini i shkencave mjekesore

Septoplastika, te dhena epidemiologjike. Gjergji Bizhga, Loreta Kuneshka. Hyrje Nje nga deformimet me te shpeshta te skeletit osteokartilaginoz ne sferen orl eshte deformimi I septumit nazal. Ky deformim fatkeqesisht ne shumicen e rasteve  nuk paraqet ankesa nga I semuri dhe nuk  konstatohet dhe vleresohet nga sherbimi shendetesor paresor dhe si pasoje dhe nuk diagnostikohet.  Deviacioni…

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