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Ear Article

Theme: Reconstruction of big amputations of 1/3 part of upper auricular with graft from nasal septum in two stages. (Skin Flap Pocket Technique) 1Gjergji Bizhga, 2 Xhevair Hoxhallari, 3Melpomeni Kromidha. 1SQUT , Tirane, Albania 2QSUT Nene Tereza, Tirane, Albania Abstract Background: Various reconstructive techniques for partial traumatic ear amputations have been reported. The choice of…

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Epidemiology of tympanic effusions in Albanian children

Abstract Objectives: To evaluate prevalence of TE in children 6-10 years old, group -age more affected of TE, relation between TE and upper respiratory airway infections, (tonsillitis chronic, vegetatio adenoidea, congenital anomalies of palatum, chronic sinusitis ), gender distribution, social economic situation in families is related with TE in children, if TE affect school learning. Material…

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Complexity of treatment of confusive and penetrante laryngeal and tracheal trauma

Summary The incidence of laryngotracheal trauma has been decreased after seat belt usage. Laryngeal and tracheal trauma encompasses less than 1 % of trauma in biggest centers of trauma in North America and Europe. Forensic trauma may threaten life and quality. Insertion of life important structures of respiratory system branches of vascular system, digestive organs,…

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